It’s obvious that the web development industry is continuously evolving. It seems that the more things change, the more people are shying away from Flash development and moving towards HTML5.

This switch is not only effecting the way websites are being built, it is changing the way the entire web functions. HTML5 seems to feel more comfortable for the user because of it’s simplicity and ease of use. Content management systems such as WordPress cms are also integrating HTML5 into their platform and slowly shying away from flash. Miami Web Design

Why HTML5 over Flash?  HTML5 is considered to be much more flexible when compared to adobe flash. It supports cross browser compatibility which is important in this day and age. It can be extremely frustrating to build a website that isn’t compatible with mobile browsers, or even different desktop browsers. HTML5 makes cross browser compatibility possible.

One of the things that internet marketers need when it comes to their online business is a website that is super mobile friendly. Most internet users are now accessing the web from their mobile phone. Which is why using HTML5 over flash is extremely important. HTML5 is mobile ready and is perfect for developers who want to develop apps and mobile sites. Miamiinternet-marketing

Another thing that makes HTML5 better than flash is it’s ability to allow storage across multiple windows. It has the ability to retain data, as well as offer better security when it comes to storing important content and information. HTML5 gives users local storage, in turn making web apps possible without having to actually use third party website company

Improved interactions is another feature that makes HTML5 more superior to flash. HTML5 allows you to build responsive websites that not only connect with the viewer but it allows for better optimization. Unlike static/flash websites, HTML5 websites tend to keep the viewer more engaged, and interested in what you are delivering to them.

HTML Standards

We have to also keep in mind that HTML5 is absolutely free, while flash isn’t. If a developer wishes to write their code in a word editor, they can do so without any assistance. Flash on the other hand has a dedicated development environment that must be used to create web pages. The environment has to be purchased in order to actually create anything with flash.

Even with paid advertisement and social media optimization, web developers are realizing that HTML5 even affects the way these areas of marketing are presented to web users. It’s overall presence is definitely undeniable. And it has pushed flash to the back of the line with it’s exuberant coding, and captivating development. Miami marketing consulting firm

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