20 WordPress SEO Tools that you need

SEO is an essential part of internet marketing. SEO strategies that work, may seem daunting to some, but WordPress can provide the right plugin tools to ease the stress. Below is 20 of the most-needed SEO plugin tools from WordPress:

Google XML Sitemaps
This allows for the top search engines to better index your site. The sitemaps generated can help make your site more relevant and efficiently organized to the search engines.

SEO Plugin by Squirrly
This plugin allows you to measure your progress and even give you SEO tips and lessons on the way.

All-In-One SEO Pack
Can be used to optimize your WordPress blog for SEO. It includes such features as integration for WordPress e-Commerce sites, compatibility with many other plugins support for SEO on custom post types, and automatic generation of META tags.

Search EngineOptimzationSEO
Also called SEO Keyword Page, this plugin enables you to set up keywords and links while linking these keywords and phrases on your site automatically.

SEO Ultimate
This plugin allows you to have more control of your website SEO. Certain features include Rich Snippet Creator, Author Highlighter, 404 Monitor, and Meta Description Editor.

Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin
This is a plugin that can enhance other WordPress SEO plugins that use nofollow and noindex. A couple of SEO tips: try to avoid noindex and nofollow as much as possible.

SEO Plugin LiveOptim
This plugin is another one of the marketing services introduced on WordPress that can easily improve your SEO and save you time for internet marketing.

Lazy SEO
This is a plugin that automatically sets up and refreshes your SEO daily for your website. This is great for beginners or those who just want to start small.

WordPress SEO by Yoast
This multi-site compatible plugin is one of the most popular marketing services on WordPress. It includes certain features such as rss optimization, page analysis, meta and link elements, and premium support.

SEO Advicer by ScorpionGodLair.com
If you want to learn about SEO on your own, then this is the plugin for you! This plugin provides SEO tips and strategies along with providing simple instruction on how to implement certain SEO actions.

WP Social SEO Booster-Knowledge Graph Social Signals SEO
This plugin is especially great for internet marketing with such features as Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Meta tags, and Google Rich Snippets Integration.

Greg’s High Performance SEO
This is a plugin that provides over 100 significant on-page SEO characteristics and also loads less than 700 lines of code for each page view. There is also an automatic conflict checker and special online support.

SEO Extended
This plugin allows you to view, edit, and delete SEO titles and Meta Descriptions. This is done on two separate pages, respectively, for greater conveniences and efficiency.

SEO Content Helper
This plugin helps you write better content while analyzing your content for SEO. You can set specific keywords for each post and the SEO Content Helper can help with proper distribution and density of these keywords.

SEO Score Dashboard by SEO-Visuals
This is a plugin that scans and grades the SEO of your website. This can help you find and strengthen any possible weak spots on the SEO of your website.

SEO WordPress
This is a plugin for both beginner and advanced users. It includes features such as meta description and keywords optimization, Google analytics and authorship integration, and Alexa verification. Beginners can simply install this plugin and advanced users can tweak the settings of the plugin to their specific advantages.

Platinum SEO Pack
This plugin includes such features as automatic 301 redirects for any permalink changes, the generation of all SEO relevant Meta tags automatically, helping to avoid the duplication of content, and support for custom post types.

W3 Total Cache
This plugin utilized the WordPress Performance Optimization framework. It improves page speed and user experience by reducing download times, increasing server performance, and providing transparent content delivery network integration.

Better WP Security
This plugin is considered to be the number one WordPress security plugin. It protects, detects, and recovers your website from any attackers on your WordPress website.

Google Analytics
This plugin simply enables Google analytics on all of your pages and adds the required JavaScript for Google analytics.


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