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When you utilize the knowledge from affordable Miami SEO companies, your website gains the exposure that allows it to appear higher in the search results for people who are looking for you service or product. Local marketing services always use white hat techniques, which are techniques that are search engine friendly and do not involve gaming the system or cheating by creating fake back links to increase exposure. The professional firm understand with hard work and diligence, your website can climb the search engines results page slowly and steadily in a short amount of time.

The content on your website is one of the most important ways that the search engines will give you placement in the organic results. SEO marketing services are well aware of the importance of cleaning up the website behind the scenes with meta tag and meta descriptions, but they also understand if the readers are not engaged, you will lose significant placement in the search results. The search engines do place some weight on if the website is properly optimized when it comes to tags, titles, header and images, but they do place a significant amount of weight on what your visitors do as well.

If you had a website that was trying to promote dog grooming, and your home page article was describing how cats can be trouble when it comes to cleaning your carpets, you can agree that the reader will most likely be leaving that page in a hurry. The search engine spiders are designed to look and make sure that all the nuts and bolts are properly in place, but they have no ability to tell if the readers are engaged by your content when they crawl your site.

So what the search engines do is create an algorithm that places a significant amount of weight on how long a visitor actually stays on your website. So if a visitor stops by your site and is gone in a few seconds, the search engine can identify that compared to a visitor who stops by and visits page after page for a significant amount of time. The affordable Miami SEO marketing company understand that if your website is properly optimized including the content, that the visitors will stay longer and the search engines will reward you with a better placement in the search pages.

The search engine spiders can also see if your content has links that take visitors to other pages or other relevant websites that all pertain to your niche. If your website links keywords to other high ranking websites in your field, you are rewarded for this too with better placement. You may have a website related to adult acne, and then have a link on one of your pages that goes to the Mayo Clinic, which is a highly ranked and authoritative website. You are giving your visitors some information that takes them away from your website, and the search engines realize this is a benefit for the reader, not so much you. They reward your information with more traffic, which results in your website climbing higher and higher in the search results.

The marketing services provided by these Miami companies can help your website to gain more organic traffic and maintain a steady flow of new visitors everyday. They understand how the search engines are constantly updating and changing their systems too. The Panda and Penguin updates in the past year really took website owners by surprise when their sites took a huge hit and dropped significantly in the web searches. By using the service of a local Miami marketing service you will stay ahead of the competition and ride out any new changes.

Google recently changed its algorithm again in late 2013 with the new Hummingbird update. This update has been hurting many websites that were created only to try and trick the search engines. The Hummingbird update is a more conversational type search, where users are searching with longer and more detailed search queries. If you didn’t have the professional help of a SEO company that understand how long tail keywords are the most effective way to drive traffic to your website, you will be seeing a huge drop in traffic in the near future.

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