How Amazons Search Marketing Works?

Much like Google, Amazon is also a search engine, and knowing how the Amazon SEO framework works can help you boost the exposure and page citation of your Amazon product page. A great SEO report publisehd by 37 signals really focuses its efforts on providing top reports.

Just like on Google, link juice, keyword density and page citation is important. This helps your pages come up in the Amazon and Google search engines when users type in a querry that relates to your product.

This means keywords, page citation and overall link juice are just as important to Amazon ranking as they are to Google. The only differenc for the Amazon search engine is the additional categories element which Google doesn’t have, and this can also play an important role in your page rank, search results string and ultimately in your click through ration.

The Importance of Keywords in Your Amazon Product Page
To get your product in any query a consumer uses relating to your product, you need to think carefully of the keywords you use. To help you get the keyword density you need you must use this in your title, your subtitle and your description when listing your product on Amazon. This is a very simple process yet forgotten by most product sellers, and this is what causes Amazon to miss your keyword nodes.  Most local companies have to track record and repeat this information.  Miami SEO companies have many ways to ponder the outlook of these results. Over all it will always boil down to increase web traffic.

ON Amazon your allowed to use 7 keyword nodes or keyword strings.Search EngineOptimzation This is on the back end of your product page, the place where you upload the product or book. So you want to know what your specific keywords are before you load your product. You can use tools like the Google Keyword Planner or Keyword tracker to find appropriate keywords.

The best way to add relevant keyword strings to your amazon product page is to add them to your title, subtitle and product description. This tells the Amazon search engine where to list your product, and to bring it up when a searcher types in these keywords.

The Word Count is Also Important
Just as in the Google SEO framework, Amazon also takes word count into consideration, and if you want better page rank you need to make your description about 500 words long (be sure to include those important keywords.)

Why do you need such a long product description? Well, too little content won’t register on the Amazon search engine. A longer description will increase visibility on Amazon and also on Google; it will also increase you click through ration; in other words convince your consumer that they need your product.

The Categories
This is where Amazon differs from Google, and a search results string can function better from using an “Obscure” category. Normally, when referring to a SEO framework, obscure is the last thing we want, but not necessarily so on Amazon. The best categories are those that are slightly obscure. Take your broader category and narrow it down to a smaller specific category for your product. So if your product is a toy, instead of educational toys, you might look for something like “robotic educational toys.” In the case of a book, instead of romance, you might want a category such as Drama. If you find a small enough category , then it’s easier to get Amazon to list it as a best seller and categorize it with high profile best sellers from other larger categories. Amazon will shuffle all best sellers to the front no matter what the category. best internet marketing companies

Finding the right category is much like finding the right keyword; it takes time. Even so, you must choose a category that is smaller but one that is appropriate for your product, it must correlate, otherwise you risk having Amazon remove your product entirely.

It’s A Matter of Creating Link Bait
You’ll also need to create your own link bait to increase the pagerank of the Amazon product page. To do this, you need to create off site reviews. This means you can build a blog or several blogs that refer to the benefits of the product and link back to the Amazon product page. Here are my top 4 of these marketing report firms.


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You’ll want to include a 3% keyword density in these reviews (using the keyword 2 to 3 times within every 500 words of content). You want to link relevant keywords back to your Amazon product page. This way when a consumer types a query into Google , they will get one of your reviews that leads back to your Amazon product page. This paired with a good description will increase your click through ration and sell your product.

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