How to SEO a Small Business Website

SEO Helps Drive Traffic


If you run a business inside and around the city of Miami, it is very important for you to have a strong business website. The website is often going to be the face of the business and most individuals have their first interaction with your company through the website. If you are not able to present a strong first impression and maintain their attention, they are just going to go elsewhere and look for a different service provider. However, on top of this, even if you have a strong business website, if potential clients are not able to find the website it really doesn’t matter how professional it is or looks. This is because, your professional website needs to utilize Miami SEO. Short for search engine optimization SEO is going to improve your standings with search engines and ensure that you are able to make it to the top of these performed searches. The higher up you are on these searches the better you are going to perform and the more hits you are going to receive. In turn, the more hits and traffic you receive the better your website is going to be at turning the potential leads into sales. With a strong Miami SEO company at your disposal, you are going to be able to do all of this and reap all of the potential benefits.

Local Keywords

For one, you need to take advantage of the local marketing services. Because your business is based out of Miami and has services offered directly towards Miami professionals, you need to use keywords that are geared towards those living in and around the city of Miami. The local Internet marketing company is going to help you out with determining how to create the very best keywords and how this is going to work out for you and your business. Keywords must prove very specific towards the business you run. These keywords are going to allow you to connect with an individual who is searching for services that you offer. You don’t want simple, generic keywords, because this is going to make it rather difficult for anyone to actually locate and find your products. Instead, the more specific the better. This is going to reduce the amount of competition you have with your products and website. If you sell wood toy cars, you don’t want the keyword to be toys, wood or cars individually, because this is only going to bring up hundreds of thousands of other websites that specializes in one of the three keywords. Instead, by grouping these three words together, it is going to ensure that it helps push you to the top of the search list and are connected better towards individuals who are more likely to purchase your products and services. On top of this, with the keyword Miami used throughout the website as well, those who are looking for service in and around the Miami area are going to find your website easier and locate your content better. You want to use keywords and link them to high page rank websites. For Example if my key words was about tourism in the US than the site would work. See how I am using the link as I type.


To improve your website SEO, you need to use more than just the keyword feature though. You also need to include specific pictures. This is going to help you in two different ways. The first is that individuals are able to perform an image search and your website can arrive towards the top. This gives you a second method for individuals to search for your website. The other perk is you can include keywords attached to your images as well. This doesn’t go against the keywords located in your text, as over stuffing keywords in the text actually can hinder your ability to improve your SEO, and many search engines actually penalize you for over stuffing.


Backlinks are important in building a strong website as well. These are links placed on other websites that send Internet traffic to your page. The more backlinks you have the more indirect traffic you have sent to your website through other pages, and search engines see your website as more beneficial, due to the number of individuals linking to your website, which means the search engine is going to rank you higher, due to proving more helpful to other individuals online.

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