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Social media marketing (SMM) is the key to the success of any new business and is quickly becoming the standard in keeping already established businesses afloat and growing. With our local internet marketing company we can help you with the tools that you need for success.

We are here to help you with our Miami search engine optimization and help you navigate the growing social media market. As we all know each journey begins with a step. The first step in successful social media marketing is becoming familiar with your tools. You cannot change a tire if you do not know what a jack is or how to use it. Just as you cannot successfully market yourself or company online using the most popular social media sites without knowing what a hash tag is or how to use it. By diving into Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, and Google+ you begin to learn the strokes needed to swim the ocean of social media. You may begin with the doggy paddle but with our help you will soon be doing the butterfly right past your competition.

According to HubSpot: 52% of all marketers obtained at least one customer via Facebook in 2013, 43% of all marketers obtained at least one customer via LinkedIn in 2013 and 36% of all marketers obtained at least one customer via Twitter in 2013.

Nielsen reports that 46% of all online users count on social media to assist in their decision making processes when selecting a purchase. Social media is a huge market to remain untapped by your business. Below you will find four steps that will help you with your SMM.

Four Steps To Successful Social Media Marketing:

Create A Plan
You need to create a plan for your SMM. What outlets are you going to cover? How often will you post and what will your topics be? What time of day will you post? By monitoring your sites you will begin to see a trend. Use that trend to your advantage. Do not post a sale or special flyer about your business at midnight when there is no one there to see it on the FB News Feed. Instead post when the activity is high and you will therefore have higher visibility.

Do Not Spam
Spamming is the fastest way to lose clients and lose them for good. It is hard to get back a consumer once you have left the bad taste of spam in their mouth. Spamming not only squanders the trust that you once had with your consumer but it also ruins your credibility in the very fast word-of-mouth that is the internet. Keep your posts professional and clear. Space your posts to an appropriate level for your business. Do not rapid fire your posts, give them some breathing room. When tweeting make room for retweets.

Grab Some Fans
Do not overwhelm yourself and try and tackle every outlet at once. Begin by focusing on where your customers already are. If you have 1000 likes on FB encourage them to also become your followers on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram or FourSquare. Do not, however, inundate them with all of these at once but instead you should provide a few convenient links with your posts. You will soon see your visitors increase on your web page and membership increases on your social media sites.

Give it to Dan
At the meeting yesterday you laid out your new plans of social media marketing for your staff. You let them know how excited you were to be going with this Miami SEO Firm. After detailing with vigor your new strategies for obtaining new clients you ‘Nose Goes’ it for the new site monitor. As Dan was sitting in the conference room playing ‘Words with Friends’ instead of paying attention he unknowingly became the winner of this little game. Dan now gets to monitor the sites for feedback and answer any questions accordingly. Remind Dan how important it is respond to reviews both good and bad with a positive spin and in a timely manner.

If you have questions in regards to SMM turn towards your local internet marketing company, for more information. It would be our pleasure to assist you.

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