How Facebook can Help Your Business

Positive Social Media Influences on Businesses

Social Media continues to explode as a great means for advertising for businesses. One of the most popular media sites is Facebook; with over a billion active accounts, Facebook is a leader in Social Media outreach. What does this mean for the average business? A platform of billions of potential consumers available without over priced advertising costs.

Facebook is simply one of the easiest social media sites to create a business page with. For new pages, Facebook provides a step by step help guide to inform you how to use their page services. Signing up requires an email and some common information about the company the marketer is representing. After creating the page, you are assisted in a how-to for promoting your site with Facebook. A low $20 a day can generate a hundred ‘likes’. These ‘likes’ represent the people who are interested or pleased with your business. The more ‘likes’ your company has the more popular it becomes. The great benefit of having a lot of traffic and interest on your page allows Google to show your company on their front page. This happens when consumers type in key words similar to your business through Google’s search engine and automatically you are given free advertising with Google as well. In a world where the internet is a means for everything, having your company’s information online is essential. Facebook makes this accessible and affordable. The days of door to door sales and passing out fliers are simply dying out.

For local marketing services that do not have a large financial freedom, this is a small investment that can bring in a large profit. It does not have the price tag that billboards, commercials, and radio mentions have, yet has the same measurable outreach.

For the local internet marketing company, Facebook provides a step into affordable access to many consumers waiting to find services that interest them. An extra bonus that businesses find with Facebook is the ability to see how much traffic is generated to your site. As well as how much of that traffic shows an interest in your company by giving your business’ page a ‘like’.

Facebook also allows your consumers and potential consumers a place to review and comment on the services made. This gives the local marketing services a better understanding on what their buyers want and enjoy. It allows a place for critical criticism from buyers to be made as well to help the company grow and make necessary changes.

So for those Miami marketing companies or any marketing company internationally, if you are not using the affordable services that Facebook provides, you are doing a disservice to your company by losing potential leads. All marketing services that are the lead generators hired out by companies need to create a Facebook page for said company. If your marketing services are commission based, this will be a financially productive tool for the individual as well.

Thousands upon thousands of businesses, big an small, have already created a Facebook page simply because of its consumer outreach effectiveness. With all of the businesses on Facebook, you are able to see your leading competition and what they are doing right to capture people’s attention and get them to partake in their services. You can also see what they are doing wrong from their bad reviews and take advantage of that information to increase the quality of your business.

If you have not already taken action and affiliated with yourself with the popular Facebook, it would be a wise investment of time and expenses to do so now. The longer you hold out, the more you lose out on thousands of potential consumers that would have initially been interested in what your company provides. Not partaking in such a well-known social media site allows your competition to take most of your leads. Cold calling is simply dead, it does not bring in leads like it used to in the older days of advertising. It simply turns people away, as well as door to door sales. But now, with Facebook allows you to reach people without being viewed as a nuisance, and allowing you to reach folks in all parts of the world. Facebook is a necessary key in advertising for all companies. To succeed as a business in 2013 you must advance with the times and changes made in the marketing world.

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