15 ways to Improve Bounce Rate

Improve Bounce Rate

Search Engine Optimzation, or SEO for short is the science that is behind developing an efficient and popular website. With good SEO you can be sure that your website will be running smoothly, and it will show higher up on search engine results. The higher it is on search engine results, the more people will click your site. One of the most difficult things a website can face is a high “bounce rate“. What is a “bounce rate“? This means that the percentage of people who leave your site after only visiting a page. There are a handful of ways you can decrease that percentage and assure that customers will stay on your site longer and visit more often. Miami Advertising Agency

One of the most prevalent forms of bounce rate that websites face are shopping cart abandonment issues. This means that when someone has done their shopping, they’ve added a product to their digital cart, but never make the commitment and simply leave the site. One way that a good website can assure a purchase is to make an additional discount for first-time purchasers. This could be a code at the bottom or even a code for future purchase. Marketing Services



Social media optimzation is another great way to decrease bounce rate., When you get people interested in your company, people will share the information. Content is king and social media is a great resource to have when sharing stories, or deals or anything else your customers would like. On social media, people will share links which will offer your marketing content more opportunities to get eyes on the page. More eyes is more clicks and with the right content marketing, you can be sure that people will visit your site often. your website design should offer a wealth of information and copy that will keep visitors on the page along with wanting to visit in the future. Miami Marketing

At karmasnack.com our professionals will evaluate your website and offer a wealth of specific ideas to make sure both your SEO is effective and decrease the bounce rate from your website, With an evaluation, you will be given a full diagnosis as we evaluate where the problems are and what good portions of your website can be enhanced. It’s important to get people to your site with effective SEO, but you also want to make sure people will stay there and want to return more often. Check out karmasnack.com to get started on enhancing your website and increase visibility and clicks!

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