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What is the best E-Commerce Platform

Since modernization has reached its peak, people can now work, shop, and connect with others in the comfort of their own home. Buying every-day life necessities is being replaced by ordering online, where browsing is a lot simpler than doing so physically. As businessmen and women are aware of the social change occurring, they are utilizing it to their advantage to create ecommerce solutions which enable buyers to purchase anything with a few clicks. Mixing some technological knowledge with the expertise about the supply and demand market, enabled people to create subscription platforms such as Shopify, Big Cartel, YoKart, Hybris, and many more.e-commerce
Starting an analysis of the best e-commerce subscription-based platforms does not necessarily rule out any platforms not included, nor does it order the ones listed in any exclusive order. Per some research of the market, popularity between the consumers, and availability of usage, one might say that five of the best e-commerce platforms are BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Demandware, and Volusion.

1. BigCommerce
BigCommerce was founded in 2009, and its headquarters are in Austin, Texas. Having processed billions of transactions, this platform enables businesses to save more time through marketing automation. Famous tools that are popular amongst consumers are email newsletters, promotion campaigns, secure payment gateway integration, and a lot more.
Differentiating Factors
One of the attractive elements of this platform is the fact that it charges no transaction fee. A shortcoming however, is the lack of free themes that they provide, which is, on average, about three times less that the number of free themes their competitors provide. BigCommerce also strongly promotes YouTube marketing, as they see the potential that video advertisements offer with billions of videos seen daily.

2. Shopify
Next, Shopify takes the place of one of the leading businesses of this sort in the market. With an incredible market-share of 325,000 online stores, this platform has established themselves as a hardcore competitor. Some features that are offered are dozens of data studio themes, selling directly from Facebook, and constant chat support.
Differentiating Factors
Nonetheless, it does have some flaws compared to the platform previously mentioned, BigCommerce, as it charges a transaction fee every time that Shopify payment is not used. This might be compensated by its mobile friendly cart which enables mobile marketing analytics. Packages can range from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars a month, therefore enabling anyone to find their perfect fit.

3. Magento
Coming right with Shopify, Magento holds the place of one of the largest e-commerce platforms ever. This giant handles over $100 billion in merchandise volume every year, and has won countless awards throughout its existence. Many users that have experienced Magento for their business, enforce how easy it is to use and manage. Most Miami marketing services
Differentiating Factors The resources provided further help store owners improve their site visibility and sales, driving up cost per click or cost per aquisiton, depending on the package. Magento mostly differentiates itself from other platforms mentioned by its pricing model. The basic version, known as the “Community” version, is free, while the well-established Enterprise version goes up to tens of thousands of dollars a year.

4. Demandware
After mentioning some of the biggest e-commerce platforms out there, Demandware comes in as one of the smaller U.S.-based subscription platforms that has been around for over a decade. This platform gained its popularity after being used by multiple fortune 500 companies. The built of this company is made to support millions of transactions, and currently it holds around 1% of the market share. Although it holds a noticeably smaller portion of the market, Demandware provides a great solution for those companies that are expecting over $30 million in sales a year.
Differentiating Factors
One of the shortcomings can be reflected in the pricing model, given that it’s often seen as very high and not competitive with the others. Companies that invest in Demandware will be able to utilize their great offering that involves real time analytics as well as social media analytics.

5. Volusion
Lastly, with all the subscription based platforms, one that’s worth mentioning is Volusion. Immediately upon visiting their website, a buyer will learn that this platform offers many free themes. Currently, one can choose from over 80 free themes, or purchase one of the 277 paid themes. Volusion will also let the consumer keep all their profits and not charge a transaction fee, although this is undermined by the fact that they offer a limited bandwidth.
Differentiating Factors

Like most of the other platforms discussed, Volusion offers a 24/7 customer support to guarantee satisfaction. Ultimately, one of the main differences is the size of the market Volusion has. It’s nowhere near the size of the market some of the big companies such as Shopify, Magento, or even BigCommerce hold, but it still has a great power as a search marketing analysis tool.

Choosing Amongst The Best Alternatives
As small businesses continue to develop daily, data base marketing is gaining momentum. Companies in Miami that we have spoken with feel the same way. Miami SEO Long hours spent shopping are a thing of the past, and online research and purchases are the solution many buyers have turned to. As mentioned-above, some of the e-commerce tracking platform businesses have found a way to grab large portions of this market due to their innovation. When a business implements their services, website performance that ramps up sales is what generates high customer satisfaction. Being able to start off with a smaller package that will still help a business generate more sales, is one of the beauties of e-commerce. Also, companies outsourcing marketing enables them to dedicate more time to other aspects of their business, making things flow a lot smoother.

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