What is Youtube’s Testtube?

What Is Youtube Testtube?
Youtube Testtube is an online service provided by Youtube which puts videos into effect, and leaves the uploader with the opportunity to receive feedback from their intended audience. Youtube provides this service, for the purpose of giving their engineers and developers the latest utilities in the video-editing industry. Youtube refers to TestTube as an idea incubator and allows developers to access a variety of different tools. Some of these tools include; Youtube Slam, Insight For Audience, a Video Editor (personalized), HTML5 Video, and a service called feather.

As an avid youtube watcher, some of the services that I have used in the past have included HTML5 and Youtube Feather. With Youtube Feather, I am able to stream youtube videos at faster rate, which is helpful to me, because of my low-bandwidth internet connection speeds. Youtube Testtube is a great service that I discovered through a banner advertising miami technique of theirs. Another service that Youtube Testtube provides is the ability to use video advertising techniques to reach a variety of different audiences. If you upload a video to youtube, Testtube will give you the opportunity to upload said video, seamlessly, with video marketing to promote other businesses. That is why, when you are watching a youtube video on their streaming service, ads may appear, in cause of video marketing. Thank Testtube for this!

Testtube is a great video seo because it gives you an uncanny amount of control to protect your videos and brand assets. By using the testtube service, you know that you will be receiving the most for all of your hard work! Another great reason for using this video seo, is for the purpose of great insight on your videos. The analytics provided on Testtube provide you the opportunity to learn, grow, and measure the effectiveness of your videos in the youtube community. In addition to this, developers, (myself included) very much are grateful for the Testtube API. It is clear, concise, and is very navigable.

With video and banner advertising on youtube, (through testtube) you are able to reach real people that are actually trying to watch your videos. With banner adveritising, (also provided by testtube) you are easily able to test, and perfect, CPC options for maximimum viewer retention. Testtube is great for promoting your content through video advertising, to the most relevant audience it could find. Whats great about this, is that it uses all of your OWN enticing content to do so. Testtube truly is the best service I use, that will target ads at people who have done miami seo recently searched, and bought a specific item. I find this to be great because it drives more traffic to my youtube videos, and site, while I get paid in doing so. What I love about youtube in-stream ads is that when people watch the videos they’ve selected on youtube, they have the opportunity to skip through specific ads. All of these ads are provided through both Youtube Testtube and a service called Adsense for Youtube.

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