2017 Top 10 Social Media Firms

Top 10 Social Media Firms
There has been a tremendous increase in the number of social media marketing firms in the recent years. Small business owners who once used to handle the task of marketing through social media websites like Facebook and Twitter are now relying on these agencies for advertising. Today, around 53 percent of small business owners prefer to outsource to these marketing agencies for profit. And they are getting what they bargained for – maximum exposure for a reasonable price. The advertising agencies, on the other hand, are handling the task well, with experienced marketers and customer support representatives. This information is a rundown of ten such social media agencies around the world.

1. Main Street Hub

From handling customer likes, inputs and reviews to checking for updates, building landing pages and writing regular posts, the professionals at Main Street Hub are doing an incredible job of providing a full-service marketing platform to their clients. This website is pretty much like Yelp and is growing exponentially year after year.

2. Social Storm

This firm offers a comprehensive service package to its clients for their social media needs. It takes care of content curation, posting and updating social media content on time. The firm is well-versed in creating business pages across various social networks.

3. LYFE Marketing

With LYFE Marketing service, clients can now relax in the comfort of their home while the firm takes care of all their social media marketing business through content creation, Facebook ads or LinkedIn ads management, interactive engagement with customers and advertisement.

4. $99 Social

One of the advertising agencies that offers posting of business pages, LinkedIn ads or Facebook ads on a daily basis for a flat fee. Small business owners never have to hire or outsource another company to handle their marketing task anymore. For a reasonable price, you get daily content posted to your social media website magazine, questions and queries answered in a timely fashion as well.

5. Community Elf

Social marketing is a means to make a huge online ROI and most small business owners have only a limited ideas when it comes to this field. However, with social media company like Community Elf, their everyday execution of social media marketing as well as social engagement is handled effortlessly. The professionals at this firm know their job well. And they do it without fail bringing in a lot of customers and business to their clients as well.

6. Strella

What is needed in today’s competitive world is a full package service that serves the needs of various fields. Strella is one such firm that offers social medial content posting, management and updates to startups. healthcare providers, website magazine firms, real estate companies and much else.

7. 42 Entertainment

A well-informed social media company knows that in order to stay ahead of the game they need a comprehensive strategy that focuses on customer interests. 42 Entertainment is miami seo one such firm that has taken this strategy to a whole new level through social campaigns across various platforms.

8. We Are Social

We Are Social has created a number of powerful social campaigns on the internet. They know that people are not just looking for posts and updates but want to interact with businesses effectively as well. This firm has made the interaction possible with ease.

9. Big Spaceship

Big Spaceship is known for its creative thinking, interactive audience and focus on people’s interests.

10. Mullen

Another social media firm that is not afraid to be creative when it comes to content. There are many videos that this firm has created to attract as many customers as possible and businesses that are clients of this firm are making a great online ROI.
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